German Retirement Home Recreates Famous Movie Scenes With Its Residents For Annual Calendar

January 23, 2014


These are a series of famous movie scenes recreated by 77 to 98-year old residents of the Contilia Retirement Home in Essen, Germany for their annual photo calendar. They really did a great job. The calendars were distributed to all the home's tenants, with an additional 5,000 printed for the outside world. I'm trying to get my hands on one. Well, two -- one for above my desk, and another for out by my work bench in the garage. Look out, sexy firemen, there's a new calendar in town! Shit, did I just say sexy firemen? I meant babes -- hot bikini babes. "You're not fooling anyone." What if I told you I only got the firemen because I thought there were going to be actual fires? Yeah -- and they'd be fighting them in like, flame-retardant armor. Not all shirtless and oiled up like these hunks. How do we know they're even real firemen? "Because you wrote them all?" STOP OPENING MY MAIL.

Keep going for the rest, including Easy Rider, The Blues Brothers, Breakfast At Tiffany's, Saturday Night Fever, Mary Poppins, Dirty Dancing, Rocky, and James Bond.











Thanks to Robin and lilco, who both like the smell of old people. Admittedly, it's no gasoline, but it is growing on me.

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