Disney Princesses As World Of Warcraft Races

January 8, 2014


This is a series of Disney Princesses reimagined as World of Warcraft characters by DeviantARTist LiberLibelula. This is Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty as an Undead here. I'm going to be honest though, most of them were unrecognizable to me. Sort of like when I first say hi to my roommate in the morning. "My God you're a disgusting monster," I tell him before realizing I'm looking at myself in the mirror. And that's when it's back to bed time. "Nuking the day," I call it.

Keep going for the rest.


Kida from Atlantis as Troll

Megara from Hercules as an Undead

Cinderella as Draenei

Jasmine as Blood Elf

Rapunzel as Gnome

Snow White As Dwarf

Thanks to Stephanie, Ed, capit and 88Luke, who remember playing the original Warcraft: Orcs & Humans against friends on a 56K modem and praying their mom doesn't pick up the phone.

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