Dashing, Just Dashing: The Twelfth Doctor's Official Look

January 28, 2014


This is Peter Capaldi in the Twelfth Doctor's official new costume. He looks great, but why is he posing like that? He looks like he's trying to cast a spell with one hand and squeeze an imaginary butt cheek with the other. I'm gonna start practicing that in the mirror.

Described by Capaldi as "100% rebel Time Lord", the costume sits somewhere between those of the previous two Doctors and a slightly flamboyant best man cutting shapes at a wedding reception.

From top to bottom, Capaldi's outfit comprises a white button-down shirt, a navy frock coat (with a dashing red lining, all the better for dazzling Daleks as he dramatically swishes away from them), matching waistcoat, formal trousers and shiny black leather boots.

You know what my official costume is? Jeans, a t-shirt, baseball hat and sneakers. If a bar or restaurant won't let me in wearing those, I didn't want to go there anyways. Sometimes in the summer I wear sandals but I usually try to avoid them because running from the cops.

Thanks to Dylan, who pointed out I've been wearing the same jeans for two weeks and rightfully didn't believe me when I told him I have four pairs that just look alike.

  • Jimmy Saville's nemesis?

  • MeggyMonster

    Hmmm... he looks nice... e//w//e

  • TheOtakuX

    I like it because it has a weird mix of old & new going on. Unlike previous Doctors, I feel I could wear this out in public and not feel like a weirdo.

  • Am I nuts or is "100% rebel time lord" way more 9th doctor than "somewhere between those of the previous two Doctors"? And how does his outfit more resemble 10 and 11? http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-7...

    I'm seeing way more 9 personally... which is rad because Eccleston was way more fun/awesome than Tennant or Smith.

  • archer923

    People see 9 and 10. Okay... I saw a little bit of 3 in him. Since they're similarly colored.

  • manydisqusnames

    He has a nice old fashioned magician look.

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