Cuties!: Lil' Spiders Staring Directly At The Camera

January 24, 2014


This is a small series of macro shots by photographer Jimmy Kong featuring little spiders staring directly at the camera. See, they're not so scary now, are they? The one creeping under your bed covers? That one, yes. I used to have a spider that lived in the corner of the ceiling above my shower. I jokingly called him my roommate, we actually got along fine. Until the day he tried to touch me, then I bare-hand splattered his f***ing guts all over the wall. I still find legs in my shower caddy.

Keep going for a couple more, but be sure to check out Jimmy's Flickr for a ton more spiders and insects staring directly at the camera.









Thanks to Greta, who once smacked a spider with a rolled up Popular Science for looking at her funny.

  • Joey Svitek

    Love the iridescence of the eyes! Jumping spiders are fascinating creatures.

  • Agent355

    The next Pixar movie needs to have one of these guys as a main character so they can Pixarize this mating dance:

  • those are freaking awesome!!!

  • Circuitica

    I just love spiders...and these ones are gorgeous!

  • elpolloloco

    Lets eat them with peanut butter.

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