Coooool: Fancy Dinnerware Covered In Realistic Ants

January 17, 2014


This is a set of vintage porcelain dinnerware handpainted with realistic looking ants by German artist Evelyn Bracklow (links to her Etsy store where you can buy some for a fortune). I am going to throw THE BEST tea party with these. Will you come? Please promise me you'll come! "When is it?" Tonight. "I'll be there."

*fast forward to tomorrow*

You: WTF?! I thought you were having a tea party.
Me: I did, and you weren't there. I'm heartbroken.
You: You wouldn't answer the door!
Me: Sure you got the right house?
You: I could see you through the window, we made eye contact!
Me: I thought you were a burglar.
You: Seriously?
Me: No, I just got cold feet.

Keep going for the rest of the set, with closeups.









Thanks to Lucinda, who is going to start her own ant-paintings-on-plate business and cash in on this craze.

  • Kyle Donovan

    So cute! Art is really amazing. Imaginations has no limits, right? Look! This one is interesting as well!

  • Perfect for keeping people AWAY FROM MY GOTDAM COOKIES

  • zin

    How realistic are we talking? I'm not shelling out for anything less than actual ants frozen alive in a layer of Carbonite. Or gloss.

    Spidermugs when?

  • catallergy

    But how would you spot the real ants?

  • CrazyUncleNicola

    Do you want ants? Cause that's how you get ants

  • Midnight


  • Dinosaur Rex

    So you(I) can have your(my) dirty dishes and tell everyone it is the new trend.

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