Cabbage Patch Doll Inspired Wig Hats For Babies

January 13, 2014


I was bald until I was two. These are the Cabbage Patch inspired yarn wigs for babies made by Etsy seller TheLillyPad. She'll custom make you one for $33.50 or you can just buy the pattern for $6.69. I'll admit it -- I had a Cabbage Patch Doll growing up. Plus on my fifth birthday my parents got me the Cabbage Patch Club House and set it up in the back yard. Man, I had the best time playing in there. Until the hornets built a nest, then it sucked.

Thanks to carrie, who took the time to list every Cabbage Patch Doll she has. It was a great read.

  • disqus_NDKhjTSF4Y

    I found another amazing Cabbage Patch Kid Hat Pattern here that's cheaper and there's no math required!:

  • The Sash

    A Futurama brain-slug-hat would be awesome.


    they suck your souls!!!!!!!!!!

  • inconspicuous

    She's gotta business better... $33 is waaaay too cheap for these.

  • ShartInYourJacuzzi

    Like babies aren't fucking creepy enough.

  • Midnight

    no adult size? :(

  • LouieLou74

    They did have adult sizes, i just saw as i bought one for my kid. i think the adult sizes were $40usd. Heres the link to it:

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