Carrie Fisher Confirms Return To Star Wars Franchise

January 22, 2014


Because Hollywood is full of questionable decision making, Carrie Fisher has confirmed her return to the Star Wars universe, along with Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford. DON'T YOU SCREW THIS UP, JJ.

JJ [Abrams] recently revealed the script for Star Wars: Episode VII has been written and work is under way on the highly-anticipated new film.

Now Carrie has told TV Guide she, Harrison and Mark are expected to report to work in March or April. And the actress is looking forward to getting back into character as Princess Leia.

"I'd like to wear my old [cinnamon buns] hairstyle again - but with white hair," she said. "I think that would be funny."

LOLOL, the old cinnamon bun hairstyle but with white hair -- that would be hilarious. And by hilarious I mean too sexy for words. You ever wonder what a shaved Chewbacca would look like? I think about that before I go to sleep at night and it gives me chills.

Thanks to PYY, who's convinced JJ knows what he's doing, which I have no choice but to believe.

  • Graig

    They need the old characters in the movie. Even though they are older. They must be in the movies.

  • Nerd in Norway

    Who is the prejudiced loser running this crappy nobody website?

  • acedick72

    should make her 'mistress' leia, now she can wear leather and be a real nasty old whore

  • Proteon

    Why must you be forced to look at old actresses when Jennifer Lawrence

  • unitron

    "...if there's one woman who looks like a grown up Princess Leia, it isn't Carrie Fisher."

    How does one know what a grown up Princess Leia looks like?

    The only real frame of reference we have for what she looked like at whatever age she was in the original 3 movies is what the actress playing her looked like.

    How does one know that in that fictional universe that fictional character did not age in exactly the same way the real life actress did?

    People who originally saw her in Shampoo were probably disappointed that she no longer looked like that in the first Star Wars movie.

    But since JJ will be blinding us with lens flares throughout, it really won't matter what the original cast look like now anyway.

    Besides, wait'll you see how horribly Jar Jar has aged. : - )

  • iofo61

    GW, enjoy the pageviews. You've apparently made the shit list of some AARP womyn's lib community.

  • Tigerh8r

    Maybe she will play Jabba's daughter.

  • JimmyThr

    I'm pretty sure this star wars movie is gonna take place in the Jacen Solo period, so that would indicate a fairly old princess Leia, since her son is in his yeah I think the casting is being done right.

  • earthlingdave

    Ah, so you're telling me people age then? Newflash, when you're 57 you won't look like a 19 year-old. Hopefully no one will treat you with the same sexist disdain when you get there.

  • BlakeyB52

    ...i love how people--who clearly don't ever visit this site--flagged this article to flame, and clearly didn't fucking read it. What a bunch of jackasses. Nothing about this article is sexist. I respect women to the utmost. I believe in equality, to my core. Nothing in this article comes off as sexism to me. Call me crazy, but I feel like a lot of people below(or above, not sure how these comments work) didn't read a single word of this article other than the last sentence.

  • John Harmon

    Don't know about sexist, but certainly ageist.

  • HelenaWayneHuntress

    If you believe in equality, why do you find it acceptable for a writer to egregiously comment on an actress not looking like an older version of a character she played nearly three decades ago, but not hold her male costars to the same standards? The point that you and so many others are missing is that the writer is evaluating (and subsequently dismissing) Carrie Fisher's qualifications to get back into a character she portrayed on the basis of her age but giving her similarly ageing costars a pass on that front. That IS sexism.

  • BlakeyB52

    ...I shouldn't have to defend my comment against someone who, again, CLEARLY DID NOT READ THE ARTICLE.
    He questioned the need to bring back ALL of the previous cast. Not just Carrie Fischer.
    Beyond that, Harrison Ford has aged considerably well alongside Fischer AND Hamill. (Hamill, need I remind you, is a male.)
    It's not sexist to say that one old person looks better than another. The gender isn't even in question. Someone like Sir Patrick Stewart has CLEARLY aged better than, say, Keith Richards.Gender is never even mentioned in the article, other than in passive uses of improper nouns. (Her/she)
    The comments are the only place that gender comes into play.
    As far as qualifications, Fischer was a pretty poo actress, to be completely honest. Ford is the only one of the original 3 that really made a name for himself. (I am perfectly aware that Hamill has done extensive and impressive voice work. But few people actually are aware of that.)

  • HelenaWayneHuntress

    Blakey dear, your cluelessness about how sexism actually works shines like a new penny if you think commenting on a woman's age is completely divorced from centuries old sexism that places value on a woman's youth and sexual purity above anything else she accomplishes. A real life problem that continues to affects women even today, especially ones who work in the entertainment industry. This shit article provided a shining example of that very real and persistent problem. People like you finding ways to rationalise sexism under the pretence of 'having an opinion' is another way it continues to thrive in an already sexist society. No defence for your argument is needed cause it frankly speaks for itself.

  • BlakeyB52

    Simply fucking explain where and when, in this entire fucking article, her gender was even mentioned! It has fucking nothing to do with what swings between her legs. It's beyond a shadow of a doubt ageist as hell, but what the fuck does it have to do with SEXISM! Seriously, think! Think with the fucking brain in your fucking head! How--HOW--does saying someone looks old in ANY WAY relate to their gender!?

    "your cluelessness about how sexism actually works shines like a new penny if you think commenting on a woman's age is completely divorced from centuries old sexism that places value on a woman's youth and sexual purity above anything else she accomplishes."

    Again, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?! Are you fucking brain damaged? Where!? Where does GW mention anything about her GENDER!? He calls EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE OLD CAST OLD. Because they fucking ARE. How is him calling Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill old ANY different?

    You are beyond talking to. You don't even fully read these replies. You're practically arguing with yourself. You haven't made a single fucking valid point. You are literally spewing idiocy. Learn to fucking think.

  • Guest

    Clearly you didn't read this article, he is criticizing the decisions to have ALL of the original actors reprise their roles. What site was this article linked to that all these people are up in arms without actually reading the post?

  • HelenaWayneHuntress

    And clearly you missed the part where he named Carrie Fisher specifically as 'not looking like a grown up' version of a character she portrayed. Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill are not mentioned in that same sentence. Your point is therefore irrelevant.

  • Samantha

    " But seriously, why did they need to dig the original cast back out of their black hole?" First of all...some fans are afraid that bringing them back will make the movie cheesy. Secondly, the article was pointed towards Carrie Fisher because the interview was with Carrie Fisher. This is a site about funny geek stuff. GW is far from a sexist writer. If he was then the whole page would be about porn and tits would be everywhere. He's a geek writing about geek things that are his opinion. In my opinion they are all old looking because they are...but Carrie was always a bad actress, I don't want her, or the others, to ruin a movie we've been waiting for.

  • HelenaWayneHuntress

    Thank you for supporting my point on rationalising sexism under the pretence of 'having an opinion.' Well done! Also, if you think porn and tits is the only way sexism manifests itself in patriarchal society, then dearie you've got LOOOOOONG ways to go.

  • Samantha

    Ok.So. Lets break it down Teletubby style like I do for my 3 year old son. You have an opinion! Awesome! I have an opinion! Awesome! Blakey has an opinion! Awesome! GW has an opinion! Awesome! Everyone on the internet has different opinions! AWESOME! Everyone has opinions and that is what makes us all different and unique little flowers. If you don't like our opinions it is okay. It is perfectly fine. But don't be rude about it because all that does is make you look mean and pushy. I can tell from your fancy words that you're a smart woman. Congratulations. I admire that. It is nice to see a woman on a geek site that isn't saying things like "lolz" and "thats soooo totes cute." I'm a woman. I have boobs. I have a uterus. (Back the mind up! I KNOW HAVING THOSE THINGS IS NOT A REQUIREMENT FOR BEING A WOMAN MISS FEMINISM!) I've had to be CUT OPEN TO BIRTH A CHILD because my kids head was too big to go through my damn vagina.Because I'm a woman. I have the black plague once a month that makes me CRAZY. I get called names all the time because I am a woman. I was the geeky girl in school that no one liked and picked on...because I was a girl. I have to watch media outlets grab onto "fat women" and call them names or try to shame them into loosing weight. I have to only look at skinny women because "that's what is pleasing to the eye." I have to deal with body issues. I have to deal with "am I pretty enough?" I have to deal with everything that you do as a woman. I'm pretty sure that gives me the right (Just as it gives you the right) to have my own adult opinion on whether or not I think this article is sexist. So please. Stop attacking people for having an opinion.If you think this article is sexist. Awesome. I don't really care. I was just stating my opinion because I had one. Harrison Ford and *says in a Harley Quinn voice* Mr.J were not mentioned. Because the initial interview that this article was written about was with Carrie Fisher.

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