Audi Feature Tells You When Traffic Lights Will Turn Green

January 10, 2014


On display at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Audi is currently testing its new Smart City Traffic Light Assistance, a system that provides a countdown until the next stoplight on your route will turn green. Alternatively, treat yourself to a jetpack and forget about stoplights altogether.

...the Smart City Traffic Light Assistance system relies on local data sources about traffic light patterns and timing (beamed to your vehicle over Wi-Fi) instead of a camera scanning the horizon for upcoming stop lights.

Using this data, and the speed and heading of your vehicle, the system provides a countdown timer of when the next traffic light will change to green, letting you adjust your speed accordingly so you hopefully don't have to come to a full stop.

I mean sure, until you're relying on the system so heavily that you just assume the light is going to be green when it says so and go sailing through a red and get t-boned. You ever been t-boned before? Driving terrifies me. I haven't been in a car in over a week, you know why? "You lost your license again?" My car loves sidewalks for some reason.

Thanks to Dax, who sits at red lights watching as the other direction's light turns red then pretends to "blow" his light green. Kids eat that shit up (or at least I did).

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