A Batman & Harley Quinn Themed Engagement Ring

January 23, 2014


This is the Batman and Harley Quinn themed engagement ring designed by Daniel Maffett and made by Tom Sayers of Sayers Jewelers for Daniel's fiancé. Just be mindful Catwoman doesn't try to steal it.

"My goal going into this design was to create a ring that was traditionally elegant and sleek but represented my fiancé and I. Comic books are a big part of us and her favorite is obviously Batman and her favorite character is Harley Quinn," says Daniel. Delivering the ring was the couple's dog who proudly carried it in a sack of coal to Daniel's fiancé.

Ah yes, the ol' Batman engagement ring delivery by dog-toted coal sack. That's a classic. You know how I'm going to propose to my girlfriend? I'm going to plan a romantic dinner. Then, before dessert (which will be a Butterfinger ice cream cake), I'm going to get down on one knee, reach into my pocket, then get light headed and pass out. I'll try this every weekend for a month before I give up and just text her at work one day.

Keep going for another shot and one of the dog with coal bag in hand (mouth).



Thanks to lilco, who agrees the best engagement rings come from the heart. Come from, BUT ARE NOT MADE FROM.

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