A Batman & Harley Quinn Themed Engagement Ring

January 23, 2014


This is the Batman and Harley Quinn themed engagement ring designed by Daniel Maffett and made by Tom Sayers of Sayers Jewelers for Daniel's fiancé. Just be mindful Catwoman doesn't try to steal it.

"My goal going into this design was to create a ring that was traditionally elegant and sleek but represented my fiancé and I. Comic books are a big part of us and her favorite is obviously Batman and her favorite character is Harley Quinn," says Daniel. Delivering the ring was the couple's dog who proudly carried it in a sack of coal to Daniel's fiancé.

Ah yes, the ol' Batman engagement ring delivery by dog-toted coal sack. That's a classic. You know how I'm going to propose to my girlfriend? I'm going to plan a romantic dinner. Then, before dessert (which will be a Butterfinger ice cream cake), I'm going to get down on one knee, reach into my pocket, then get light headed and pass out. I'll try this every weekend for a month before I give up and just text her at work one day.

Keep going for another shot and one of the dog with coal bag in hand (mouth).



Thanks to lilco, who agrees the best engagement rings come from the heart. Come from, BUT ARE NOT MADE FROM.

  • Kendall

    Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! I saw this on Pinterest and have been trying to find it online to buy! @Daniel Maffett can to contact me on info to get something like this???? Pleeaaasssseeeee and thank you

  • Lisa camp

    I want the Harley-Quinn batman engagement ring. need price and how to get it

  • KC Cool

    Where can I get one?

  • Don Dezy Kendall

    How do I get one

  • Adam

    So, how can I buy one?

  • Harley Lilith Quinn

    I wonder how they would go about doing a batman and catwoman themed ring. Though for my wedding i do want a Harley and Joker ring. I may have to take a trip to Delaware.

  • Daniel Maffett

    thanks for the post guys!

  • Rich Skelly

    How much and How do I get one!!!!!?

  • Daniel Maffett

    Cant get this exact design, but i can design a custom setting for you and tom sayer can make anything you dream up.

  • Angela

    I am looking for something similar to this ring. And wondering about price. My gf loves Harley Quinn and I like poison ivy. I would really like to get a ring one for each of us so when we get married it will be our wedding rings. Please help!

  • Rich Skelly

    How about a oker and Harley ring? Any ideas??

  • Kendall

    I commented on this a few days ago. I am very very interested in a ring like this if you could please get back to me as soon as you could. Thank you

  • Rich Skelly

    I would like to make a joker/Harley ring. What do you think it would take to design one?

  • josh90

    I Have The Info My Gf Is.Crazy For Both Joker And Harley And Its Funny Cuz Her Name Is Harley And I Would Love To Do This For Her.

  • Richelle Howes

    But why is it not Harley Quinn and Joker? This ring is cool but makes me sad

  • Cyndi Ledet

    because it's not exactly Batman as the character, it's the whole series and idea of Batman itself. Then the added bonus of her favorite character, who happened to be Harley Quinn. Also... I'm sure their favorites are Harley and Joker but they're probably aware of how problematic it'd be to symbolize their love with Harley and Joker because of how much of an abusive relationship it is.

  • Daniel Maffett

    well stated, that is pretty much hitting the nail on the head

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