3-D Objects Colored To Look Like Sketches

January 31, 2014


This is 'Representations', a photographic series by Cynthia Greig in which she's colored and outlined 3-D objects to appear as 3-D sketches. Me? I chalk outlined myself to look like a murder victim. I'm not really dead though -- only on the inside.

My series of photographs, Representations, explores the concept of photographic truth and its correspondence to perceived reality. As a kind of playful homage to William Henry Fox Talbot's treatise, The Pencil of Nature, the images combine color photography and drawing to create what I like to call photographic documents of three-dimensional drawings.

I've actually done something similar before. One time I hid behind the curtains in my roommate's room to scare him when I heard him coming home from work. Unfortunately, as soon as he walked in he locked the door and started masturbating at his computer. It was the longest five minutes of my life until I put a hand over my eyes and made my way for the door, saying, "Dammit man, I just wanted to scare you." You know what he told me? "I saw your shoes as soon as I came in." He's sick.

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Thanks to Julia, who spins a globe and stops it with a finger to see where she'll travel to next and this time she's going to the middle of the ocean.

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