You Know I Love Fire: Flaming Skateboard Tricks

December 2, 2013


This is a video of flaming skateboard tricks performed by Jonathan and Jason Bastian and filmed at 2,000 frames per second by the folks of BeyondSlowMotion. I love watching things burn. Especially the homes of my enemies on the evening news. I know there's a warning at the beginning of the video that says you shouldn't attempt these stunts on your own, which is why I want you to come with me. If you tag along I won't exactly be on my own, will I? *tapping head* I'm a pro at beating the system. "Fine, but if you catch fire I'm not putting you out." Ha, if I catch fire I'm coming straight for a hug.

Keep going for the video, then nonchalantly ask your parents where they keep the kerosene.

Thanks to Jonesy and Phantasium, who both told me they've heelflipped volcanoes even though I suspect they only ollied them.

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