You Autobots Are So Sweet!: Gingerbread Optimus Prime

December 19, 2013


Transform and-- ooooh, I like your pants.

This is the gingerbread Optimus Prime made by a friend of a friend of Redditor downvotedagain. Is the girl in the picture the one who made it? No clue. Is it actually held together with icing? I doubt it. Hot glue and a metal armature? That's my guess. I really do like that girl's pants. I wish they made guy's pants with more options. I'm not saying I want zipper pockets like those, but the option would be nice. The last time I went pant shopping I told the sales lady what I was looking for, then when I was in the dressing room she kept bringing me more jeans to try on and I asked her why the last two pairs had pockets that were so small and she told me because they were women's jeans. She had me trying on women's jeans! I stormed out of there in my boxers. Jk jk, bought both pairs and a puka shell necklace.

Thanks to V, who agrees the key to buying good-looking pants is being honest with yourself about how your ass looks.

  • Gauis Octavian

    called it! I was all like: that girl and those pants and that kitchen backdrop all look swedish; and sure enough, a quick google and there u go!! we're a diverse bunch.....

  • Azariel_z

    it looks delicious! , yeah the robot looks fine too.

  • zatoichi

    Having made some large scale gingerbread, this is an incredible feat. Is the recipe a non-expanding one? How the heck did you get the seams/joints to stay true to the cutouts?

    This is way harder than it looks.

  • DEṂ

    Beautiful piece of art! And she can bake! That's a keeper! All we need now is the all spark to get the party going.

  • Caroline Eriksson

    Thank you for the article! I am the girl on the picture, and yes, I am the one who made it. It is actually made only with gingerbread and melted sugar, no cheating here;)


    You are an amazing artist.

  • Mighty Molecule

    gingers making gingerbread is a derivative of cannibalism

  • Frédéric Purenne

    Geekiness, hot woman and holiday treats... I couldn't ask for more right now to feel alone at my apartment and empty inside! *sheds a tear of remorseful joy*


    It's no mystery why you're alone.

  • ayeitsarouse

    Screw the gingerbread I wanna see more of the girl.

  • Carissa Lynn van Raak

    That's amazing and she is lovely.

  • Billy Rocka

    Looks good enough to eat. So does the other.

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