Ultra-Realistic Morgan Freeman iPad Fingerpainting

December 5, 2013


This is a month long time-lapse of artist Kyle Lambert fingerpainting an ultra-realistic Morgan Freeman using the iPad app Procreate. Me? I've procreated before. Jk jk, amateurcreated. It was awkward and I didn't get paid. Also, I bet this painting actually IS a photograph and the video is just Adam painting over it played in reverse. "Who's Adam?" I meant Kyle. "You do know you can go back and change it." Editing is a sign of weakness. "Then you must be very strong." If bad writing were weightlifting I could throw a bus.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Jeremy, who spent half his email bragging about his Etch-A-Sketch skills. I was enthralled.

  • LittleBigFace


  • Robert Wegner

    Its fake. He worked backwards from the photo.

    Proof is that the original image (google it) is down to the last pore, exactly the same. Forget painting, no human can replicate(!) (with whatever technique) that exact.

  • jos

    I don't believe this shit unless he do it in front of a camera. I have seen his work on youtube and NONE of his work comes even close to this.

  • Kaizer Chief

    This guy obviously has phenomenal skills, but if he had ditched the tablet and gone with a Mac & Wacom tablet combo, he could have finished it in a day, rather than a month.

  • Elak Swindell

    I still don't believe this is a finger painting. Even if it is a digital work of realistic art, you can't get that fine of detail with finger painting on a tablet. Looks more like a painting down over the real image.

  • disqus_v5BMtfYWbA

    For such an awesome painting, he really phoned it in on the eyes. Totally gives it away.

  • delightful

    do not care or believe unless he paints amber heard naked. (how much would that cost?)

  • Glitch Code


    the real picture, which you can see.... is the same, sorry but he didn't paint this.

  • Scrodiddley

    maybe he started with the picture and went backwards... but PLAYED it forward

  • Glitch Code

    i would tend to think thats probably what happened lol

  • TheBeatboxer

    u noe he could've just used the picture as a reference?

  • Glitch Code

    yeah he could have.... but look at the dots on his face, they are exactly identical, which would be impossible to do from a "reference" picture. i have seen other vids by the artist and i do not doubt his talent, but i call bullshit on this one particular one.

  • JJtoob

    The only thing that told me it's a painting, is the eyes, everything else looks freaking real.

  • ODwanKenObi

    I feel like I have to wipe the grease off my forehead from having watched that.

  • Soylent Green Is People

    That is fucking sorcery!!!

  • Too much government

    This is obviously a lie. We've all been told - repeatedly - that the iPad can only be used for media consumption. It's not possible to create anything on an iPad. Only Windows tablets can be used for "productivity" - whatever that may entail.

  • Guest

    Your comment is dumb and you should feel dumb.

  • Isaac King

    He was obviously making a joke, and it was hilarious.

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