The Ol' Superman Double Backflip Bicycle Trick

December 18, 2013


This is a video of Ethen Godfrey-Roberts performing 'the world's first' Superman double backflip. That shit looks intense (jk jk, it looks like its inasportsarena). I'm not saying I couldn't do it, I'm just saying I probably wouldn't do it in front of so many people. What if somebody shines a laser in my eyes right before I go off the jump? I'd probably crash and die. "You were going to crash and die anyways." True. Tell my wife I love her and pass me my crash helmet. "Do you really have a wife?" Nope. "Do you really have a crash helmet?" Nope! See you on the flip side.

Keep going for a GIF from another angle and the video.


Thanks to runner54 and Wayne, who are already perfecting the Superman triple backflip in an attempt to score chicks. Okay I would learn guitar and join a band.

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