Text Me Anytime: Scientists Send Text Message w/ Vodka

December 23, 2013


In news that sounds suspiciously like a shitty MacGyver episode, researchers at York University in Toronto, Canada, were able to send the text message 'O CANADA' twelve feet across the room using vodka. It marks the first time 'O CANADA' has ever been sent as a text message.

The authors of the paper, published Thursday, used specific concentration levels of the vodka to represent bits 1 and 0. They wafted the "message" across 12 feet in the lab to the receiving unit, which read out the message as it detected the concentration of vodka in the air rising or falling over time.

The process sounds slow and short-range, but the researchers suggest that it could work for closed environments that don't have the benefit of a cellular or Wi-Fi signal.

Fascinating. Do you think they drank on the job at all? I feel like it would be hard not to with all that vodka around. Then start sexting dick pics. Call me old fashioned, but I still like to send messages the old fashioned way: with a severed finger. That's how you let somebody know you mean business.

Keep going for an informative video.

Thanks to LupusYonderboy, who sends messages via telepathy because he's a superhero and should take me for a ride on his back if he can fly.

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