Sweet RV: The Breaking Bad Blue Crystal Snowglobe

December 10, 2013


Originally I misspelled the title 'snowglove'. How embarrassing would that have been if I hadn't caught it? "Not any more so than the rest of the mistakes you make." TRUE. Remember that time I accidentally copy/pasted one of my sexy Google Chat conversations into a post and didn't realize it? People have emailed me since then saying they still read it when absolutely nothing else will get them aroused. This is the $41 Blue Sky Snowglobe available for preorder from Firebox. Unfortunately they're not due out until next year so if you were thinking of buying one for a Christmas present you're gonna have to buy it for Christmas 2014 and there is no guarantee I won't have blown up the planet by then. I'm really hoping to, I'll tell you that.

Keep going for a closeup and a shot of the packaging.



Thanks to tails and Dominic, who heard purple is the best colored meth.

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