Sure They RSVP'd?: Near Life-Size Dalek Wedding Cakes

December 12, 2013


Seen here posing with my Aunt Teresa, these are the two five-foot Dalek wedding cakes baked and decorated by Dinkydoodle Designs for a couple's Doctor Who themed wedding reception. The theme for my wedding reception? End of the World Party. There won't be an open bar though, everybody just gets a drink ticket. "Just one?" Just one, for a very special drink. "Poisoned Kool-Aid?" Bottoms up.

Keep going for a couple more pictures including one of the aftermath. I can't tell if it fell over or if people literally have no idea how to cut a cake and just attacked it like hyenas.



Thanks to Bradley, who in my mind is very handsome and has curly hair.

  • Jenny

    The bottom photo is the aftermath of the cake being transported away from the venue. One of the cakes was not used and was supposed to go somewhere else for marketing purposes, but the people in charge of moving it.... are idiots. That's all I can say.

  • exterminate, Exterminate, EXTERMINATE... that cake into my belly!!!

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