So, It's Come To This: Motion Controlled Anime Boobies

December 18, 2013


Because there is literally no upper limit to Japanese perversion, this is a video demonstration of a pair of motion-controlled anime boobs. Using a Leap Motion gesture input device, a user can sadly jiggle boobs to their heart's content. You don't actually get to feel any cleavage though, just jostle it around with air gestures. That's sad. They don't even move like real boobs either, they react like rubber. I'm not saying whoever developed the program hasn't experienced the real thing before, but I wouldn't be surprised to find out the nipples under that bikini top are actually smiley faces.

Keep going for the probably NSFW video.

Thanks to TBTMH, who agrees that when it comes to snuggling, nothing beats a nice pair of titties to curl up beside.


    Gross. Men are a disease.

  • pbj

    So remote controlled boobs are a problem for you, and that makes men scum. Vibrating dildos, remote dildos, dildos that squirt sperm, regular dildos, and edible underwear don't make woman look scummy and disease ridden?

  • Alex DemiHuman

    Japan is the saddest country ever.

  • Devin Wolfe

    Different cultures different tastes.

  • I just spent 5 minutes trying this with my own boobs.
    They do not move in that way.

  • Guest

    get better boobz yo

  • Better?!
    Mine are fabulous already.
    The world couldn't cope if they got better.

  • ^Truth.

  • Prometheus

    I think the reason it moves like rubber is because his only reference is a boob mouse pad.

  • Joel Lamm

    wow... combine this with the vagina mouse pad post from yesterday and it is every asian virgins dream!

  • Gingerbread

    Whoa! That's creepy. I mean, a lot.

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