Robin, You're Caddy: Batman Tumbler Golf Cart For Sale

December 5, 2013


This is Batman's Tumbler inspired golfcart for sale on eBay. I actually posted about it back in 2010 too (I have a memory like an elephant -- penis too), but now it's for sale. Will you and I be going halvsies? NOPE. It's $17,500, which is a little bit out of my price range, even for halvsies. If enough of us got together to make it $17.50 apiece I could probably do that provided I don't eat for the rest of the week. What's food anyways? "Are you seriously asking?" What if I swallowed a bunch of marbles to trick my stomach into thinking it's full until I have money to eat again? "I say go for it." Cool, I don't have any marbles though so I'm gonna have to use Hot Wheels.

Keep going for several more shots.





Thanks to Viscouse, who has every intention of crashing that thing into a country club's pool.

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