Realistic Super Nintendo And Game Boy Cartridge Soaps

December 11, 2013


Because why would anybody want to release products in time for people to buy them for Christmas presents, Firebox has these life-size 'invigorating energy citrus' scented Super Nintendo and Game Boy cartridge soaps available for pre-order. Super Nintendo cartridges cost $21 apiece *choking on doughnut* APIECE?! And the Game Boy ones $11. For reference, that is entirely too much to spend on a bar of soap. If I spent that kind of money on novelty soap for the guest bathroom and found out somebody actually used them I would go ballistic. I don't care if you accidentally touched your @$$hole wiping, that soap cost me $21.

Keep going for a bunch of individual soap closeups.










Thanks to Lucinda, who accused me of showering with dish soap. Guilty as charged!

  • Gary King

    better price and quality on ecrater;

  • That is too expensive.
    What is it made from, Unicorn?

  • They only get you clean if you blow into them first

  • MustacheHam

    I do wonder if Donkey Kong Country is banana scented?
    Anyway these are pretty cool. :D

  • baal

    Is the real? It looks like they photoed cartridges and soap bubbles.

  • Lynzie Johnson

    they're affordable on etsy

  • I just bought about 8 of these. Checked off half my list. Stoked!

  • Zer0_KooL


  • Carlos

    YAAAAY! Nice 2006 for you!

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