Professor Visually Explains Gravity With Spandex, Marbles

December 4, 2013


This is a video of physics teacher Dan Burns explaining the fabric of space and gravity through the use of a giant piece of stretched spandex and some marbles. I enjoyed watching it. I don't know about you, but I'm a visual learner. Actually seeing something really helps me understand it. I could read about stuff in books all day, but at the end, none of it makes any sense. "Your book is upside down." I knew that. I was, uh, looking for patterns in the spacing of the words. Yeah, some real Da Vinci Code shit -- you wouldn't understand.

Keep going for today's free physics lesson.

Thanks to Jonesy, who passed out in health class when they showed the vagina video. Haha, I got light-headed but was able to hold it down.

  • maurice

    it's like looking at walter white, but hearing saul goodman

  • ew

    what the fuck was that noise at 6mins?

  • McfeelySmackup

    This has been a pretty typical demonstration of gravity for at least 40 years

  • Closet Nerd

    "Yeah, Science!" ~Jessie Pinkman

  • Blamevcr

    reminds me of the game "Don't Break the Ice"

  • Bubbubsky

    He totally stole this from Michael Crichton's "Sphere."

  • Azariel_z

    a reboot..

  • It makes me happy teachers like this are out there.

  • boooo!
  • Tyler AitchKay

    It's not a concept that's necessarily that hard to understand, though...

  • JJtoob

    Granted I am not at this level of education, so I had trouble understanding the explanation of things going in the same direction, but the demonstration made it quick and easy to understand.

  • bgalker

    The difference it makes to have an instructor who has a personal passion for the subject they profess.

  • McfeelySmackup

    I guess I'm just not as big a fan of spandex as he is

  • joevsyou

    interesting and cool way to demo gravity effects

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