Pizza Baked With 3-D Printed Dough And Pizza Sauce

December 6, 2013


This is the 3-D printed pizza made by Natural Machines. Natural Machines is a company in Barcelona that's developing a 3-D food printer called the Foodini. I mean, this is the future after all. We might not have jetpacks, but if I can print my own Twix bars in a year I'm still calling it a win. Unfortunately, only the dough and pizza sauce were 3-D printed -- the cheese and spices were still added by hand. And hands, as I'm sure you're all aware, are what people use to scratch their privates. That's why it's important to have ALL the ingredients 3-D printed. Nobody wants a half mushroom, half pube pizza. Gross fact: One time I actually found a pube in my chicken nuggets. I'm not going to say where I got them, but TWIST ENDING: my own freezer.

Thanks to Chandy, who agrees they need to work on 3-D printing Krystal burgers so I don't have to wait to go visit my family in Alabama to have some.

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