PetChatz (With a Z): The 'Talk To Your Pet While You're Away' Webcam System

December 2, 2013


This is the PetChatz pet communication system. It allows you to webcam with your dogs and cats while you're away from home. Me? I just call my house line, wait for the answering machine to pick up, then yell, "DADDY'S NEVER COMING HOME BECAUSE YOU WERE ALL BAD!" The PetChatz communication system can also dispense treats, in case you've ever wanted to come home to a PetChatz torn of the wall and chewed open. The system retails for $350, which seems a little expensive for something no pet I've ever had would pay attention to. I could Skype my dog with a handful of bacon screaming, "TREAT, TREAT, WHO WANT'S A TREAT?!" and I'd have to sit there watching her lick herself until she got bored and decided to get into the kitchen trash.

Keep going for several more pictures (including a cat who loves the system so much it's rubbing itself on it) and a video demo.




Thanks to lebeeps, who agrees the best pet communication device is never ever leaving the house.

  • Tthompson

    This is one of the most stupid thing I've ever seen. The dog would never even react with it, and they couldn't care less about it. Even dumber is the people who actually buy these things thinking that it will work!

  • Technosquid


  • lordpikachu

    i don't want my dog to think i'm annoying though..

  • KaPOW

    Totally a stock photo "talking" to those animals. Same picture for the cat and dog.

  • First thought: "Why's the screen in color?" But I suppose it's not just for dogs.

  • khemical

    Dogs see in color. Just not all colors.

  • WhiteEagle2

    I fee like 90% of the time, you would check on you pet to find an empty pet-less kitchen (or where ever it is setup).

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    Or worse, a pet-less kitchen full of toilet paper and trash

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