Of Course There Is: A Doctor Who TARDIS Shower Curtain

December 2, 2013


This is the Doctor Who TARDIS Shower Curtain available from ThinkGeek ($30). I just bought one. Is it gonna make my shower bigger on the inside? Nope, but it is gonna make it colder since now I don't have enough to pay the gas bill. I'm pretty sure I willed this thing into existence after make a TARDIS joke in the post about that Star Trek transporter shower curtain last week. Hey, crazy things happen when you're a powerful wizard. "You are not a powerful wizard." Fine, MODERATELY powerful. "Nope." What if I pulled a quarter from behind my own ear? "I can see the tape, it's dangling like an earring." I hate your guts, I really do.

Keep going for a shot of somebody's mom poking out from behind the thing with what appears to be a Sonic Screwdriver "personal massager".


Thanks to Bria, who sent me some sort of erotic fan fiction about showering with the 11th Doctor which I only glanced over because now is not the time to get hot and bothered.

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