Of Course It Does: Firing A Gun Wearing Google Glass Looks Like A First-Person Shooter

December 17, 2013


In news that shouldn't surprise anyone, firing a gun while wearing Google Glass makes you look like the protagonist of a first-person shooter video game. At least from the camera's perspective. From an outside perspective it makes you look like a dorky cyborg carrying a gun. I will put you down. Not with a gun though, I'm not allowed to carry guns because I'm a felon. But what if I dragged one? "Are you seriously asking?" Loopholes, bro.

Keep going for a brief video, which does include some full-auto action.

Thanks to Jackie, who agrees they should make Google Glass for pets so we can see the world through their eyes.

  • Amit
  • JJtoob

    Except in games you don't see that much of the arm. But at least the arm hair is rendered in real time here :P

  • WhiteEagle2

    The video makes it look like he has his head over the gun and is using his left eye.

  • Francis

    USA USA USA!!!!

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