Neverending Story Characters Reimagined As 2014 Movie

December 19, 2013


These are the characters from A Neverending Story reimagined by artist Nicolas Francoeur as if the movie were made in 2014 instead of 1984. Which is weird considering 2014 hasn't even begun yet. Maybe Nicolas would like to share his time machine with us. "I don't have one." Oh really? Then how do you explain *pulling blue tarp off pile of machinery* THIS! "It's a broken washer." I'll be the judge of that. *climbing in* Start me off on warm/warm delicate.

Keep going for the rest, including Rockbiter, who looks suspiciously like a Pacific Rim kaiju, and the Empress, who looks suspiciously like a character from my nightmares.








Thanks to lebeeps, who's so cheery even the Swamp of Sadness put on a smile.

  • The Stub

    I know his is an old post, but I needed to chime in. Most of them look pretty good. The ones I don't like are Falkor - this is not at all true to the description and I think some work needs to be done there, and the Childlike Empress (she isn't 'The Empress', there is a 'Childlike' in her name) as she should convey a certain amount of innocence. Atreyu is 'ok'. That's about it. Gluckuck is cool - very 'Giger-esh'.

  • etxzombie

    This needs to happen. Please let this happen.

  • I think the one problem with these concepts is that you can't tell the difference between the good and the evil. I literally see no difference between Gmork and the rest of the characters in these paintings. Its just all too dark with no distinction between them. dont get me wrong they are cool as all hell aesthetically. And even the over all tone is spot on. but the characters archetypes are too uniform.

  • nic

    I always loved the Neverending story since I was a child, I watched it with my children as well.. I just wish that some of the characters looked more like the orginial.. please stick to the basics, it'll b awesome

  • Carey

    No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no.

  • Fern Anita Charlotte Norfolk

    Why are people moaning about this? The guys an artist, he's obviously a fan of the film, he's just put his own spin on it, like any artist would do. Let's be honest, there wouldn't be an article written about it if he had drawn the characters to the letter!

  • Bat God

    This isn't how the characters are supposed to look at all... ESPECIALLY Falkor. Read the book before you design the characters.

  • Ty Rodriguez

    I dont like them this way I like the way they were before

  • Turbosloth

    They could always wait and get Peter Jackson to milk the shit out of it.

  • "Hmmm...let's remove all the charm and make them GRITTY AS HELL!"

  • Fercho

    Pokemon Makers: Here you have some fresh ideas.

  • valdin

    I plain and simply do not like these. I can handle updates as such. But reimagined? I hate that term. If it is not broke, Don't take the liberty to put your crappy spin on it.

  • SrTeotl .

    You can like or dislike anything you want, but... Crappy spin? As an illustrator let me tell you that this dude is talented as fuck. I don't think he would have done these if he wasn't a big fan of the original.

  • valdin

    You are entitled to your opinion, as am I. You know what they say about opinions right?

  • Thor Harley

    Sigh. Atreyu was supposed to be green-skinned...

  • angelakrey

    Yes please!

  • ziz

    Yeah- Falkor looks kinda crappy here.

  • Namor

    Where's Fizzgig? I know.. I know.. Relax.

  • Namor

    If he came any closer, he'd rip him to shreds.

  • Dano

    I will admit that these are great images. Looks like what Del Toro and Ridley Scott would make of it, were they teamed together. I might watch that. But otherwise, GTFO.

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