Microsoft Developing A 'Smart Bra' To Help Curb Emotion Related Overeating

December 5, 2013


Picture related: bra.

Researchers at Microsoft are developing a wearable boobie-based mood-detecting system with the hopes of helping to curb emotional overeating in women and men with tits big enough to fill a bra. Me? I'm a B-cup but if I bend over you'd swear they were C's.

"It's mostly women who are emotional overeaters, and it turns out that a bra is perfect for measuring EKG," [research Manager Mary] Czerwinski told Discovery News.

Test subjects wore the removable sensors with their own personal bras, so it wasn't one-size-fits-all. Data from the sensors was sent to a smartphone app so the women could track their moods. The researchers were able to see whether the women were stressed based on the collected signals, proving that a wearable, mobile mood-detection system is feasible.

The idea behind the prototype project is that women who have feedback about their moods can see the signs of stress that lead to overeating and make better decisions

I don't need a bra to track my mood, I already know it: angry all the time. I experience a brief moment of euphoria when I get off work, then it's immediately back to being angry when I get in my car for the commute home. "That's not healthy." SURE F***ING ISN'T. "You should take chill pills." Those are a real thing? "Here, try some." This bottle has a skull and crossbones on the side. "Ignore that." Consider it ignored. Is it cool if I take these with alcohol?

Thanks to LupusYonderboy and Thaylor H, who measure their moods the old fashioned way: with mood rings. Mine is always black as midnight.

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