Man Rescued From Shipwreck 3-Days After Boat Went Down By Surviving In Tiny Air Pocket

December 3, 2013


This is the rescue video of Harrison Okene, a Nigerian cook working on the Jascon 4 tug boat when it sank during a tanker-towing operation. Harrison survived three days sitting alone in the pitch black at a depth of 30-meters in cold water and a small air pocket created when the ship sunk. Sadly, Harrison's 11 other crew members perished.

Hit the jump for the amazing video, but skip to 5:00 for the rescue to begin. The diver sounds like a chipmunk because he's breathing an oxygen/helium mix. And the guy in charge of the operation, well, he sounds like the exact kind of guy you want in charge of this sort of thing.

Thanks to everyone who sent this, almost every single one of which expressed this being their worst nightmare. Same.

  • Benmark

    What the hell? This happened SIX months ago! Why is everyone so slow to report on this?

  • Elizabeth Albertson

    becasue geekologie is shit now. old stories and re-posts.

  • DBen

    So? Doesnt invalidate the story... it still happened...

  • Benmark

    Just making a point... a TRUE point.

  • DBen

    What point is that... that you like to make a lot of noise? So it took place 6 months ago... So What...

  • Benmark

    It's a question. What took so long for news agencies to report, and why are they acting like it happened today? Makes you wonder what other things they are "pushing back".

  • DBen

    Geekologie... isnt a "News site" being 6 months behind is ok... If you want up to date right now things try your local news, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, BBC (they are better then the rest) or FOX if that is your fancy.

  • Aknit

    He was rescued by South Africans, tough bastards them lot.

  • Mason Miller

    GW was right. If I'm ever trapped in a life-or-death situation, I want Colby directing the rescue effort.

  • Guest

    This happened over 6 months ago (May 26th), but all the news outlets are reporting like it happened today or something.

  • Guest

    Ok, who the fuck voted me down? It's the TRUTH.. it happened half a year ago- you have to accept it.

  • DeathBotGamma

    Wow. God Bless.

  • Wait, 30 meters? That's not right unless he was trapped or broke a leg or something. Also, the rescue crew would not need heliox or saturation for a 30 meter dive. Recreational diving routinely goes down to 40 meters.

    Did somebody misplace a decimal? What is the real depth?

  • David

    Otto, since you appear to be a diver, you should know that time underwater is just as much a factor in your air mix as depth. The heliox was needed because they sent a rescue team down with a diving bell and umbilicals expecting a long operation. A dive at 30m has a maximum no deco time around 20-25 minutes. Even doing a technical/deco dive they would have been down for a really long time and would have had insane deco times before being able to surface (which was their fear for the cook as well). These guys were probably down there for many hours working on the search and rescue so the heliox was a safety factor.

  • I can understand them using heliox instead of nitrox if they had to do a fair amount of underwater work, such as cutting into the ship or something else to gain access to the area where he was trapped. Unusual, but makes sense given that you generally stay above 25 meters with nitrox. Trimix would be a bit more common though, and a lot less expensive. Perhaps they just had heliox and divers nearby.

  • David

    They were actually surprised to find anyone alive. I think they were planning to be down a long time searching the ship for all of the bodies for retrieval. That's a pretty big time investment compared to just planning a rescue.

  • Benmark

    The real depth IS 30 meters.

  • So, was he trapped and had to be cut out or something? Because 30 meters is swimable without diving gear.

  • Ale Angel

    It isn't like in the movies "Oh I'll swim around the whole boat filled in water, seeking for an exit, ya know, I can hold my breath for awhile, then I'll just swim up the 30mts I don't really know I am, because you know, I think I'm way deeper than that, but yeah, Oh and not to mention it, there's no source of light, so I'll swim it around in the dark, because you know, I'm epic like that.

  • tbclycan

    "How's the passage back?"
    "F*cking tight."
    "Is it? Okay."

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