Man Rescued From Shipwreck 3-Days After Boat Went Down By Surviving In Tiny Air Pocket

December 3, 2013


This is the rescue video of Harrison Okene, a Nigerian cook working on the Jascon 4 tug boat when it sank during a tanker-towing operation. Harrison survived three days sitting alone in the pitch black at a depth of 30-meters in cold water and a small air pocket created when the ship sunk. Sadly, Harrison's 11 other crew members perished.

Hit the jump for the amazing video, but skip to 5:00 for the rescue to begin. The diver sounds like a chipmunk because he's breathing an oxygen/helium mix. And the guy in charge of the operation, well, he sounds like the exact kind of guy you want in charge of this sort of thing.

Thanks to everyone who sent this, almost every single one of which expressed this being their worst nightmare. Same.

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