Japan Introduces World's Thinnest Condoms (0.01mm)

December 6, 2013


Japanese condom manufacturer Sagami has just introduced the world's thinnest condom, a pecker wrapper only 0.01mm thin. For reference, that's about as thin as your penis is round. Hoho, burn! PROTIP: shave your pubes to make it look bigger.

According to website ZakZak, it took Sagami Rubber Industries over ten years to realize these rubbers, from conception to completion. In total, over 20,000 condoms were put through a battery of tests (probably water leakage tests, burst tests, and tensile tests as well as, I'm guessing, other tests) in a trial and error process.

It previously released a 0.02 millimeter condom in 2005. By comparison, the thinnest Trojan condom, the Trojan Ultra Thin, is around 0.06mm.

Two weeks ago, Sagami launched the polyurethane contraceptives in Tokyo, with a box of five costing 1,260 yen (US$12). ZakZak reports that the rubbers have been incredibly popular, with some shops apparently selling out their stock.

Listen, kids: wrap those peckers up. I can't stress that enough. And no complaining you don't like the feel of condoms, you should just be thankful you're having sex at all. You know what definitely feels worse than wearing a condom? A disease. Like having to wake up every two hours to calm a crying baby. Geekologie: making a difference.

Thanks to Aaron, who, like me, needs condoms at least an inch thick to avoid breakage.

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