Gotta Catch Just The One: Pokeball Engagement Rings

December 16, 2013


Because even people buying Pokemon themed engagement rings appreciate options (previously: this Pokeball engagement ring), these are the Pokeball engagement rings available from Paul Michael Design (of triforce engagement ring fame). The enamel version (above) starts at $1,000 for a 1/4 carat diamond. The all gem version (after the jump) includes black diamonds and other gems of your choice and starts at $2,500 for a 1/4 carat diamond. For reference, that's two months salary for a person who makes $1,250 a month. Two months salary for me? $60. I get a dollar a day if I do all my chores and make my bed. "That's not a salary, that's an allowance." Marry me? "And that's a mood ring." Hey, $60 only goes so far and I bought a bottle of champagne too. So, what do you say -- are you in the mood for love? "Like, love-love or sex-love?" As much as I'd love to just see your butt, I'm looking for something long term. "No deal." Fine, let's just get naked.

Keep going for the all gem version.


Thanks to lebeeps, who agrees the best engagement ring is a twist-tie.

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