Going In Circles: Insane Ball-Moving LEGO Machine

December 11, 2013


Not these balls mind you -- they would take a forklift! Jk jk, but at least a brown grocery bag.

This is the incredible ball-moving machine built by Kawaguchi Akiyuki. Each section is an individual module (often designed by other ball-moving aficionados) that moves the little balls along the track in different ways. There are elevators, escalators, jigglers, jugglers, corkscrews, robotic hands -- you name it. "Tractor beams?" There were no tractor beams. "Teleporters?" Okay I'm starting to think maybe you came in here with expectations a little too high.

Keep going for the incredible inedible machine (although I would still put a couple of those little balls in my mouth).

Thanks to Cabe, who moves balls the old fashioned way: drop-kicking them.

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