Finally: A Decent Sailor Moon Bra And Panty Collection

December 13, 2013


If there's one thing I love, it's nudity. If there's one thing I love but nudity is prohibited, it's sexy lingerie. This is a line of upcoming Sailor Moon themed bras and underwear from lingerie retailer Peach John and Sailor Moon creator Neoko Takeuchi. Each of the sets above will sell for around $50 when they're released next year. Me? I still wear some of the same boxers I've had since high school. They are vintage now. I assume these aren't meant to be worn under clothes because those frills and bows would make you look bulgy. Women don't like looking bulgy. Me? I do everything I can to add bulge. Especially in know. "Crotch area?" God no, I'd scare anyone who saw me. I was going to say calves.

Keep going for a couple more varieties.



Thanks to my buddy Clark, who, admittedly, it was a little weird to get an email from about bras and panties.

  • stephanie

    whats the english ordering site?:o

  • I like the ones in the last photo, especially the blue set.

  • TheOtakuX

    It's Naoko, not Neoko.

  • Bertw192

    I have a sneaky and disturbing suspicion that most of these will be purchased by men... and not for their significant other. <shudders>

  • v85rawdeal

    I cannot tell a lie... So I won't answer that comment

  • Bertw192

    Vilderness Girl Cookies!!!! Classic...

  • occupybikeseat

    what, no uranus?

  • Ash

    i guess since someone's anus would be in the undies, they deemed it redundant..

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