Doctor Who Animation Set To A-Ha's 'Take On Me'

December 10, 2013


A-ha's 1985 music video for 'Take on Me' is one of the best ever made. Granted I don't really keep up with current music videos, but in my mind they're all CG and ass shaking. "What's wrong with ass shaking?" There is nothing wrong with ass shaking. This is the Doctor Who 50th anniversary animation made by Richard Swarbrick that was tweaked and set to the audio of 'Take On Me' by Youtuber TheFlixx. It's worth a watch. I also embedded the original 'Take on Me' music video because it deserves to be. No boss could possibly give you a hard time for watching it on the clock. DAMMIT [YOUR NAME], JUST WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING? "Watching the 'Take On Me' music video." Well shit, let me grab a chair, you start it back from the beginning.

Hit the jump for three vidoes: the mashup, the unedited Doctor Who anniversary video, and A-ha's 'Take On Me'.

Thanks to RMB, who wishes he could crawl into and out of comics. Same.

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