Crafts: Game Of Thrones House Sigil Paper Snowflakes

December 10, 2013


Every year around this time I hang a bunch of paper snowflakes from the ceiling of the living room for a little holiday ambiance. Then I set fire to a trashcan in the middle of the room and pretend I'm an Eskimo. These are the cut-it-yourself Game of Thrones house sigil snowflake designs created by Krystal Higgins (links to patterns so you can make them yourself). You just print out a sheet of paper with the design, fold it, cut along the lines, and PRESTO -- wait, why doesn't yours look right? It looks like it was torn. "I'm not allowed to use scissors." And rightfully so. Now go throw that snowflake away and sit in the corner.

Keep going for a shot of what the Targaryen pattern looks like and what a finished snowflake should look like IRL.



Thanks to PYY, who agrees these are definitely not the kind of snowflakes you want to catch on your tongue unless you like the taste of your own blood (but who doesn't?!).

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