Cheating: 51% Of People In Relationships Will Netflix Their Joint Shows Behind Their Partner's Back

December 12, 2013


Because Netflix is a shameful homewrecker, according a recent study 51% of people in relationships will watch their and their partner's "couple's" shows behind the other's back. But I thought you said you hadn't seen this one before! "I lied." I can't believe it! Are you really leaving for work in the morning or do you just spend all day f***ing other people?

In a study of 2000 adults, 51 percent said they either had or would commit the act of betrayal. Of those who confessed to cheating, 41 percent refrained from sharing spoilers with their significant other [and another 14 percent will rewatch the episode and fake not knowing what's going to happen]. 21 percent admitted to watching the next episode while their partner was sleeping next to them in bed.

Wow, watching while their partner is asleep in the bed next to them? That is LOW. I mean, that is DESPICABLE. something I do all the time. You know how many times I've had to feign surprise at a plot twist? Every single one. Although sometimes I'll pretend to "guess" what's going to happen before it does just to look smart. I'm probably the worst kind of person in the world.

Thanks to lilco, who would never watch a show behind her lover's back because of taste and decency.

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