Casting A Fire Ant Colony's Tunnels w/ Molten Aluminum

December 12, 2013


This is a video of the proprietor of Anthill Art pouring molten aluminum down a fire ant mound to cast the shape of its tunnels to later sell on eBay. I can't imagine the ants were too thrilled about it. Apparently a lot of people weren't either, because he had to disable comments on the video after a ton of "How would you like it if I filled your house with molten aluminum" ones. Where do you stand? "Next to you, holding hands." Awww, you mean it? You don't care even though my hands get sweaty? "Nope." What if I told you I don't always wash my hands after using the bathroom? "Don't care." Gotcha! That was a test and you failed, Penisfingers.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to toenail, who I stubbed on the way out of the bathroom this morning and I'm afraid might come off.

  • Billy Rocka

    Their death was over before it even started. Just like how people complain about the cruelty towards chickens before they are slaughtered for us to eat.

  • David


  • Maryann

    I absolutely love this - and the fact that it killed the little F*ers - but mostly I want one of these in my livingroom - please let me know when it's on clearance for $100. :)

  • Bad Habit

    They are an invasive species not native to this country and once they infest your yard there will be dozens of mounds in just a few square feet but the end of the season.

    Killing them with fire is an excellent idea! Problem is you can't kill them fast enough.

  • Guest

    the mexicans of the insect world

  • Stray

    When I was a small child I played in a fountain that had been recently turned on after a season of disuse and became host to a colony of fire ants. Retreating from the water they swarmed my body and I learned first-hand how they earned that name.

    Watching this felt pretty damned good given my childhood trauma!

  • monkeydroid

    See those approaching guys from the left? They were like, "...the HELL is goin' on??" They hightailed it outta there. They were lucky. That shit happens all the time.

  • pooman

    No one sees the irony in burning a fire ant?

  • bakuryu

    I see the ironing.but whit steel,not aluminium.

  • Jfdelman

    I don't agree with it, but if he didn't do that he problem would've used poison.

  • bakuryu

    I don't agree with it, but if he didn't do that he probably would've KILLED PEOPLE INSTEAD. oooorrr... How would you like it if someone will fill your house with molten aluminum? cause it's this guy's favourite hobby and if you don't let him enjoying it with ants he will probably come to your house showing you how much fun it is.aaaand art, money(maybe).

  • Lee

    What I wanna know is can the queens chamber be seen at all?

  • Guest

    maybe lucite, but you'd need alot more work grinding and polishing because of outer layer dirt

  • RareAwesomeman

    I was expecting to hear tiny screams of death and agony...then my brain kicked in and told me I was an idiot

  • Guest

    its as if a million tiny voices screamed out at once and were suddenly silenced

  • Kanger

    Fuck fire ants.

  • Guest

    The problem with doing this is that you eventually create ants who are immune to molten aluminum. Then you're screwed. We all are, its science.

  • David

    Survivors are needed for that to happen

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    I want to breed a colony of superants!!

  • Broseph

    fuck the ants, they bite us unprovoked. they should expect our return fire.

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