Cannot Be Unseen: Lady Privates Laptop Trackpad Covers

December 17, 2013


DoubleClit Here (link is NSFW, vagina pictures) is a laptop trackpad cover with a photo of a vagina. This is just an emoticon vagina here, but I assure you they make them with ACTUAL pictures of vaginas too. I never knew they looked like that. They were created by feminist designer Eliza Dunaway and are supposed to carry a message. Apparently that message is not, "Watch me diddle this vagina while I pretend to pay attention to what you're saying."

"We are too often taught to feel grossed out by the sight of a body part that is beautiful and important just as it is. DoubleClit Here seeks to break this stigma by presenting the vagina in a new, hilariously interactive, OMG-inducing way."

$8 gets a trackpad in your choice of "Vanessa", "Kiki" or this emoticon one. I was going to post pictures of the others too but I decided against it on account of I'm at the coffee shop and there are people sitting behind me. I figure the less time I spend editing pictures of vaginas, the better. "But that's exactly what these are fighting against." You know what? You're right. I'm gonna do it! *screaming* Okaaaay, I forgot I was in the middle of Photoshopping a face on a penis.

Thanks to PYY, who agrees they should make nipple stickers for the analog sticks on Xbox and Playstation controllers.

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