Cannot Be Unseen: Lady Privates Laptop Trackpad Covers

December 17, 2013


DoubleClit Here (link is NSFW, vagina pictures) is a laptop trackpad cover with a photo of a vagina. This is just an emoticon vagina here, but I assure you they make them with ACTUAL pictures of vaginas too. I never knew they looked like that. They were created by feminist designer Eliza Dunaway and are supposed to carry a message. Apparently that message is not, "Watch me diddle this vagina while I pretend to pay attention to what you're saying."

"We are too often taught to feel grossed out by the sight of a body part that is beautiful and important just as it is. DoubleClit Here seeks to break this stigma by presenting the vagina in a new, hilariously interactive, OMG-inducing way."

$8 gets a trackpad in your choice of "Vanessa", "Kiki" or this emoticon one. I was going to post pictures of the others too but I decided against it on account of I'm at the coffee shop and there are people sitting behind me. I figure the less time I spend editing pictures of vaginas, the better. "But that's exactly what these are fighting against." You know what? You're right. I'm gonna do it! *screaming* Okaaaay, I forgot I was in the middle of Photoshopping a face on a penis.

Thanks to PYY, who agrees they should make nipple stickers for the analog sticks on Xbox and Playstation controllers.

  • ohnonotagain

    great. now I want vulva stickers on everything.

  • da1nonlysage

    So that's where her G spot is located....

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    "We are too often taught to feel grossed out by the sight of a body part that is beautiful and important just as it is."

    Wait a moment, is she implying that people don't get grossed by the image of dicks and hairy balls? She should be fighting so women have the right to expose her chest in any situation that it is allowed for men.

  • 💪Festivus 💈Poledancer💃

    Penis is a symbol of masculine power, where the emphasis on size indicates virility and, directly, the worth of the man. This is why there are insults such as "little dick".

    My point is that it's not necessarily the appearance alone that will be judged, but what that thing represents: male dominance, superiority, violence.

  • RareAwesomeman

    for women its tight vs loose (the wizards sleeve)

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    Let's discuss just about US, the country where Eliza is from. The ideal is to have an above the average penis size, this means that the majority of the male population would be under this standard also female population prefers circumcised men often seeing the natural penis as disgusting with all that "extra skin" so when the issue is about genitalia, the ones being oppressed are the men.

    Men constantly carry the weight of demonstrating power, masculinity and invulnerability and the minor signal of vulnerability is shunned down since young age, have you never heard "Boys don't cry"? Something pretty cruel to say to a child. As Norah Vincent said, "Every man's armor is borrowed and ten sizes too big, and beneath it, he's naked and insecure and hoping you won't see."

  • 💪Festivus 💈Poledancer💃

    77% of the women in this survey did not give a shit about penis size or appearance.

    Or how about this one, where women said that MEN place too much emphasis on penis size: http://www.psychologytoday....

    "Boys don't cry." As opposed to: "girls do cry?" The insinuation there is that the boy is a girl if they cry. This gender stereotyping hurts ALL genders.

    The reason for this "borrowed armor" is due to toxic masculinity: not strong? You're not a man. Not financially successful? You're not a man. Not getting laid every day? You're not a man.

    Look at the converse of those things as well and it's still toxic masculinity in that the default way of judging things is based on how the man feels about it. Woman too strong or muscular? You're not a woman. Woman making more money than a man? She's a power-hungry bitch. Woman having sex freely with whom she chooses? She's a slut/whore.

    You cannot even begin to decouple the status-quo from what things men cherish and prize. Not even penis size.

    Do you seriously think these definitions of manliness were imposed upon men by women of society? No, they were imposed by men themselves, who throughout history have formulated their high-minded ideals about chivalry and manhood and masculinity and bounded the women to their definitions of femininity, restricting them to the home and child-rearing.

    Take this course with me when it comes out and learn something:


    Yep. Men are a plague...

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    Good thing that you posted a scientific article, but that is from European Urology, Volume 42 and we are discussing about USA. Also it doesn't mentions appearance, just size.

    About "boys don't cry" everybody cries but boys are not allowed to express their emotions.

    Modern feminism tend to use men as scape goats, does a girl have image issues? It's this because of the patriarchy, does a boy have image issues? Blame the patriarchy!

    Society pressures everybody and the same way men care more about penis size than women women care more about their weight than men. Women are the ones pressuring each other in this race.

  • Frédéric Purenne

    Oh yes! Gently scrolling down your page, tapping it to open the image, then gently double finger zooming in.

    I'm all for it! XD

  • Ronald

    ^ Win!

  • p_shep

    Kiki got a flappy twat there!

  • failtuna

    No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. Stop.

  • David Gabel

    Why would I want to "finger" a fake vag on a computer trackpad (or anything else) when the real thing is better? I'd rather finger my wife than some lame-ass photo on a computer that was designed by some fuckwit.

  • 💪Festivus 💈Poledancer💃

    How many times have you heard other people, mainly men, say they thought the vagina was ugly?

    Your question missed the point anyway. It's not a sexual aid, not meant as one. So your sexual gratification was not the point.

    Hell, even the title of this post itself insinuates the gag-worthy nature of the form of the vagina: "Cannot Be Unseen".

  • OrehRatiug

    Some people don't like certain dicks, some people don't like certain vaginas. Welcome to the world where taste is subjective. Maybe our reaction should be less 'ew' but I don't think there is any reason to be flaunting off sexual organs of either sex.

  • 💪Festivus 💈Poledancer💃

    Welcome to the world of eat chocolate pudding out of my ass, you condescending shitstain.




  • David Gabel

    The only "condescending shitstain" here is you buddy. I merely expressed my dislike of this product because of it's rather lame idea. Sure it'll work great for the #foreveralone crowd that have no idea what the fuck to do with the real thing, but I really don't see the gag humor, and the creator is making it sound like this is the best thing since sliced bread (which it is not).
    But, being the troll that you are, you begin with the insults just because I found this to be in horrible taste, and on top of that you get nastier with someone else that disagreed with you for no reason other than to be an asshole.

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