Burger Joint Delivering Sliders Via Pneumatic Tubes

December 19, 2013


Because who has the patience for a human waiter to walk your food out to you (what is this, the 1900's? I had sex with a hologram before work this morning), the C One Espresso Cafe in New Zealand will start delivering sliders and fries in pneumatic tubes, straight to your table. Awesome, but I just wanted a drink refill. Apparently the canisters can reach speeds of up to 87MPH, which seems ridiculous for a restaurant the size of my apartment. Still -- if this catches on, as long as I don't have to tip, I call it a win. "You will still have to tip." This is stupid.

Hit the jump for a shot of a burger in its metal tube, but go HERE to see a video about the system.


Thanks to my buddy Chris W, who agrees there should be more restaurants with decent sliders here in L.A. "But I live in Maryland." THIS ISN'T ABOUT YOU.

  • adfasdfadfs

    i want this in my house

  • Doug Eldridge

    Awesome! Burgers covered in dust and grime that's built up in the tubes.

  • joevsyou

    mr. good burger anyone?

  • zin

    *_* TUBES.

  • CatieCan

    You don't have to tip, it's New Zealand. We pay our waitstaff a living wage, and as a bonus also include tax in prices so what you see on the menu is what you pay at the end.

  • HackTheGibson

    And every time they raise tax it is embedded in your price so it goes unnoticed.

    People knowing what they are buying and what goes to the government keeps their fingers off it. If people paid their payroll taxes the same as we pay sale taxes, people would never put up with the wasteful spending our government does now.

  • I was sending cheeseburgers in tubes back in 1984. I'd send it as a tip the bank drive through.

  • Sherazade Quimby

    There's a restaurant in Milwaukee called the Safe House that also has those tubes in the restaurant....except they use them when you order a martini "shaken but not stirred." It's a big dose of awesomeness. http://www.safe-house.com/

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