Boldly Going On A Minivan: Star Trek Family Car Decals

December 17, 2013


These are the Star Trek family car decals available from ThinkGeek. $15 gets you a page containing 32 stickers of 23 unique characters. How would you represent your family? I'd represent mine with a Vulcan. "And?" And that's it, just me the Vulcan. "Don't you have pets?" No. "But you said you did." I've told you a lot of things that aren't true. "Do you really have a roommate?" Of course I do. "What's his name?" What did I tell you his name was? "Derrek." Then that's his name. Also, I'm a pretty lady -- you would want to date me.

Keep going for a couple more shots including a picture of all the characters and what happens when you mix them with Star Wars stickers (SPOILER: shit gets crazy!).




Thanks to carey, who

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