Assassin's Creed IV 'Ascension of The Jackdaw' Glitch

December 3, 2013


This is a short video of an Assassin's Creed IV glitch where your ship rises from the middle of the earth while your crew goes floating off into space. That has not happened to me. Although one time in a cutscene the character I was talking to disappeared and I was left there chatting it up with a floating cigar. How are you supposed to explain that to your crew?

Crew member 1: I saw the captain talking to a floating cigar.
Crew member 2: Mutiny?
Crew member 1: It's our only option.

Keep going for the video, I should have the platinum trophy by this weekend.

Thanks to Davis, who agrees the most annoying glitch in the game is the 'kill the captain from a rope swing' optional objective in sequence ten that I had to play three times. Sorry, I'm venting.

  • Nana Collins

    Edward Kenway Jedi Knight

  • Spike Bennington

    isn't an glitch....the jackdaw back's from the Davy Jones World u.u

  • Zachary Harker

    I have it glitch and fall through the ship ans be stuck inside of it swimming around, To get I had to leave. It would not let me jump to a location due to being under attack . . .

  • da1nonlysage

    Best, glitch, ever.

  • catallergy

    Looks like they all went and got themselves raptured.

  • Jeremy Tilton

    Heheh, the music was timed perfectly.

  • Victor

    Also, the game.

  • Victor


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