Shoot For Free Stuff: Amazon Prime Air, An Unmanned Flying Drone Powered Delivery Service

December 2, 2013


This is a brief video demonstration of Amazon Prime Air, an unmanned flying drone delivery service that Amazon would like to see rolled out in the future (as early as FAA regulations will allow, possibly 2015) for 30-minute delivery times. Will I shoot your drone out of the air and claim your new PS4 game as my own? Absolutely. Will I do the same thing with your sister's tampons and candy bars? You better believe it. It's like Christmas -- you might not like what's inside, but it's still fun opening packages.

Keep going for the what if I don't have an Amazon warehouse within 30 minutes? Or why can't the pizza boy just pick up my package on the way?

Thanks to everyone who sent this, who agree as long as there are slingshots and bb-guns, this will never work.

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