4Chan's 'How To Brick Your X-Box One' Trick

December 10, 2013


Because some people will actually follow advice found on 4chan (that's your bad), a number of users have ended up bricking their new X-Box Ones by following these fake instructions to make your console backwards compatible (because it's really that easy, Microsoft just doesn't want you to know about it!). In reality you're setting your system in a perpetual boot loop. It just goes to show, you shouldn't believe everything you read on the internet, and probably nothing you read on 4chan. Geekologie? Geekologie is probably 50% believable, unless my penis is typing (he never lies).

Thanks to everyone who sent this, none of which admitted to doing it even though I bet someone did (not all Geekologie readers are MENSA material like you).

  • Redmastif

    i was in that thread.

  • GigiAUT

    Don't really hear about PS4 owners doing stupid sh*t like bricking their consoles for backwards compatibility or buying photos of PS4s.....

  • Guest

    doesn't unlock backwards compatibility...but possibly can unlock piracy stuff. they don't want us bypassing the regionlock

  • Guest

    the first run consoles will become collectible on ebay once they lock this away so can't mess with it

  • Broseph

    thats just what microsoft wants you to think, don't fall for their disinformation campaign. it actually does make it work...but im sure they'll remove/lock the dev kit from future productions so get it now on ebay

  • JJtoob

    Well, at least you can still take a picture of the box and sell it for a lot of money on ebay LOL.

  • mrbutt

    The real problem here is that Xbones AREN'T backwards compatible in the first place.

  • David Gabel

    Silliness. one does not buy new consoles for backwards compatibility. If people want that ability, they use a PC. Either that or they don't sell their previous gen console in order to keep playing the older titles.

  • Cyberpumpkin Spice

    it's kind of amazing that they made it so easily brickable

  • JJtoob

    What's amazing is that the user is required to take action this time lol. I kid.

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z


  • sesos refritos

    This is only amazing if you are unfamiliar with their other products.

  • Jfdelman

    MS is crapping themselves right now. They weren't supposed to leave this open and they didn't mention anything about voiding warranty when this is accessed because they forgot as I said. They were sending out pleas throughout the Internet for people not to use this feature. Now they will be replacing every single one of these at no cost to the customer.

  • David Gabel

    Why? if a user is stupid enough to do shit like this, then the end user deserves the consequences (like the asshat that bought a photo of the XBone - it was listed as such and not as the real console mind you). MS shouldn't owe the lemmings anything for their stupidity.

  • Jfdelman

    I don't care about the guy who bought a photo, it's his fault. I'm talking about this developer kit not being locked and ms not having it listed in their user agreement. Just saying ms will have to replace every bricked console for free.

  • David Gabel

    why should MS replace something that the users broke knowingly? if MS wants it enabled they will enable it. if a user purposely bypasses the locks and the device fails then it's the users fault and they should not be given a pat on the head and a replacement. It's common sense that jailbreaking, rooting, or just unlocking devices has the possibility of bricking the device. Users do this at their own risk.

  • fdfsd

    you are just a fcuking ass hat arent you?

  • David Gabel

    No, just using common sense. That's just like going into a store and breaking something intentionally. You have to pay for it. The store won't go "oh it's ok" and leave it at that. If you knowingly hack your console and you break it, then you should not get a free replacement for trying to hack something something that the OEM did not even build/code-in to be enabled in the first place. Stupidity should not be rewarded.

  • fdfsd

    Oh really? Explain that "intentionally breaking" part, and perhaps that "knowingly hack" part. Because im pretty sure that people werent intentionally breaking anything, that would have defeated the purpose of buying the product in the first place (unless of course to post a Youtube smashing / shooting / blowing up video). Not only that, but i am 100% confident that you know nothing about what hacking is, considering you referred to it as pressing a series of buttons on a controller and following an on-screen prompt.

    If accessing a developer console is possible by the average consumer, it is the OEM's responsibility to protect the customer from unknowingly/unintentionally damaging their product. Quality control.

    Your skewed shithead of a brain sees the REPLACEMENT of a broken product (knowingly or unknowingly) as a REWARD.

    Stop being a worthless cunt of a troll.

  • David Gabel

    Nice way to "prove you're better/smarter" by using name calling. How very childish of you. And no, this 'developer console" was not made available to the average consumer, otherwise you'd not need to unlock it. Second of all this hack (as it's been called by others. learn to read) throws the system into a boot loop. Sorry but real dev consoles don't do that unless you input incorrect code. Not enough info to show that this is the case of a dev console being opened here..And you can break something via software too. But I would assume that mr knowitall that you are, would be smart enough to know that. The OEMs lock any dev consoles on products. It is the hacking community that works to 'correct' that. Therefore if a user resorts to a third party and accesses something that was not there when they bought the product, it is NOT the OEM's fault as the user violated the EULA and can be subject to whatever it entails for the violation.

    It's glaringly apparent that you don't know shit about technology in general. Otherwise you'd know those things already. Otherwise you'd not be resorting to spouting off bullshit and name calling in order to try to make yourself 'look good'.

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