2014 Better Not Suck: 2013 In A Single Cartoon Picture

December 17, 2013


Note: Larger version HERE.

These are the events of 2013 summed up in a single drawing by artist Mario Zucca (links to his website with a complete list of everything included). There are around 90 separate events depicted, including Game of Thrones' Red Wedding, a bunch of video games and apps, pop culture sadness, and news stories. I can't believe 2013 is almost over already. I feel like it was just getting starting. It was sucking though, so I don't mind giving 2014 a chance before I throw my hands up and blast off this planet. You know what year it is in space? Whichever one you want it to be. "I want to live around 80085." I see what you did there. I bet you were a real treat to sit next to in calculus.

Thanks to my buddy c-nasty, who shouldn't be allowed to work in food service.

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