You Are Into This: Disney Princesses With Beards

November 8, 2013


My God that Prince Eric is one lucky guy.

Presumably in honor of No-Shave November, this is series of Disney princesses with beards as imagined by Adam Ellis. You are into them. "I am not into them." *swinging pocket watch* You are getting veeeeeery into them. After all, what's a beard if not a potential ponytail for your face? And ponytails are cute right? So these are like ladies with dual ponytails. Try to kiss her in bed and you won't be able to tell if she's coming or going! "I'm not kissing her in bed." Well of course you're not, what the hell would a princess be doing with you?

Keep going for the rest.












Thanks to T.J. O., who's so manly he tried participating in No-Shave November last year and was tripping over his beard by the 4th.

  • quatro

    Nala made me spit lemonade all over my keyboard.

  • Fercho

    Haha! She holds a specially unique combination: (Female) lion with a kinky look, laying on her back, long beard and... in the wild lol.

  • Fercho

    lol this is so epic xD

    Pocahontas is just flawless

  • Junaid Marmeladov

    I have the weirdest boner right now...

  • Chad Burton

    too much time on peoples hands

  • Richelle Howes

    Lmfao, waaaat the fuuuuck XD

  • MustacheHam

    Jasmine knows how to keep it consistent, unlike Mulan.

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