Wow: Hit-And-Run Driver Attempts Low-Speed Escape, Crashes Into Five More Cars, Tree

November 8, 2013


This is a video of a driver in Chicago who hits a cab, then tries to flee the scene at low speed. Unfortunately for him, he's the world's worst driver and crashes into five more cars in the process. Think of him as Ryan Gosling's character in 'Drive', if that character had been raised in the woods and thought cars were metal animals you could sit inside.

Witnesses heard the cab driver ask the motorist for his insurance.

"He tried to just take care of things peacefully in the beginning, but then once he saw that he was trying to take off, that's when he took it upon himself to get traffic to stop him," witness Karen Morris said. "It looked like it was straight out of a movie. We were all just stunned."

Adding to the driving debacle, Police News Affairs Officer Janel Sedevic said the 20-year-old motorist, who didn't own the car he was driving, then crashed into a tree off-camera.

Sedevic said the driver was arrested and charged with several traffic misdemeanors as well as criminal trespass of a vehicle and damage to city property (the tree).

Ahahahhaha, you got charged with damage to city property for crashing into a tree. I'm not gonna lie, that's not going to get you a lot of street cred in the slammer. Actually, nothing about this story will. If I were you I'd lie and say you stabbed someone. PROTIP: Say it was a relative (we've all been there).

Keep going for the video, but skip at least halfway through if you just want to see the good stuff.

Thanks to E V I L A R E S, who's so evil he doesn't even hit and run, he hits and walks away taunting you.

  • emerald


  • Mo Alexander

    Can someone please remix this sped up & with the Benny Hill credits theme looped over it...

  • cabbo

    What a massive asshole. Even under pressure, threatening to use your car like a weapon then driving without considering your environment (the cars he crashed into on purpose to get away) is deplorable.

  • deepfreeze

    Drive it like you stole it.

  • Daniel Ling

    The SUV was stolen from an amputee who used it to run a business. It was totalled shortly after the thief got away, so he's lost his livelihood. The owner's home is on the brink of foreclosure and the SUV only had 3rd party insurance. The victim is appealing for donations.

  • Jenz

    Someone realized the herb platns @-> . just for a short moment, but i`m pretty sure about it

  • Erik F
  • Don't make excuses for that bitch-wanker-kid.

  • Brian Meyers

    No, the guy in the car hit the cabbie first, then fled the scene. The cabbie chased him through the city, managed to catch up with him, and then blocked him in to force him to give up his insurance information.
    Also, unconfirmed reports here in Chicago said that the car was actually STOLEN.

  • allergicturtle

    But why did the Cabbie start banging on the window of the car with a wrench? Hello - wtf?

  • Syphon

    Easier to trace a car with a smashed window, also he could have done it out of frustration.

  • abcdefgjklmnopqruvwxyz

    Youtube comments say the car was stolen, so that must be true.

  • Guest

    Cabbie will be held accountable, likely- attempted assault led to this kid freaking the fuck out, ergo- his fault.

  • allergicturtle

    honestly I wouldn't have tried running away but you can tell once that cabbie started pounded the window with a wrench the kid was terrified. This whole situation could have been avoided.

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