World's Tallest Domino Tower Comes Crumbling Down

November 22, 2013


This is the 100,000-piece domino maze built by the Austrian Domino Art group and knocked down last Thursday on Guinness World Record Day. The maze beat the record for the largest domino tower built, with this almost 20-foot, 11,465 domino tower coming down at the end. That wasn't my favorite part though, my favorite part is the little cannon that knocks the railroad bridge down at 1:50. My second favorite part? The 15-second unskippable commercial at the beginning for all the things you can make this Thanksgiving with Best Foods brand mayonnaise. DAMN THAT TURKEY CASSEROLE LOOKED DELICIOUS.

Keep going for the video, all of which was pretty good.

Thanks to Roland, who I'm really hoping is Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner but is still totally cool even if he's any other Roland.

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