Timelapse Of Model Photoshopped To Barbie Proportions

November 1, 2013


This is a timelapse of a model being Photoshopped to hell to show just how much computer manipulation goes on in the fashion and advertising worlds. Personally, I think she looked better at the very beginning when she was au naturel, but that's just me and I can see real inner beauty and am basically every woman's fantasy. Plus I don't like girls with those big googly bug-eyes.

Keep going for a BONUS gif of the face change and the video.


Thanks to Devon, skarekrow and Charlotte, who agree real beauty comes from *tapping chest* in here. "Boobs?" THE HEART DAMMIT, COME ON.

  • Roofus Doofus

    So what. Boobs.

  • afterooster

    why change the angle of her feet and the position of her thumb?

  • DrZanz

    They didn't photoshop from that very first picture, they put makeup and a wig on her and started from the middle pic.

  • afterooster

    oooh ok i get it now. Still though, why even have the natural photo then? Not that it's bad, but the point of the video is to show how photoshop changes a model, not makeup and hair extensions. It kind of defeats the point. It would be much more impressive if the artist went from the natural photo to the finished photoshop without the need for the model to put on makeup in between.

  • Sophie Stark

    Whoever was photoshopping the image neglected to lengthen the bottom half of the leg sufficiently so the thighs are so ridiculously out of proportion with the rest of her body. It would be the creepiest thing in the world if the photoshopped version of that model actually stood up.

    I'd take the non-photoshopped version any day.

  • grimbldoo

    That's exactly the point, the shopped version looks "better" but only in the position she was shopped in. Humans don't look like that and if you got a full 3D view, you would probably be freaked out.

  • Is it stupid that my first thought was, "but why did they shrink her butt?". It probably is.

  • Lee

    Sorta looks like Rosamund Pike, oh god now I dread what she looks like without the make-up n photoshopped pictures.

  • Spleenal

    They're both hot.

  • Heineken Skywalker

    I think you're overlooking how much of a difference hair and make-up makes. This, especially the gif, make it look like they went from a completely no-make-up photo to the final one just with photoshop alone.

    It still amazes me what women can do with make-up. Though that makes some morning-afters a little awkward...

  • Adam

    I like that they changed the resting position of the hand to imply some sort of tension. SEXUAL tension, the randy wench.

  • Aaron A. Edgin

    more attractive before.

  • Lee

    It passes the uncanny valley to me when they make the neck look like something from Alien and the skin as bright as it was irradiated

  • grimbldoo

    Humans are already past the uncanny valley, we are actually at the top end of it.

  • Lee

    ***enters the uncanny valley -- I was thinking about that post an hour after I said it

  • Andyman7714

    Wouldn't be easier to just draw her from scratch? It's not like there's much original model left in the end.

  • mildiii

    They do that too.

  • Matticus Morgan

    I think it'd be easier just to get drunk and let the beer goggles do all the work

  • yomega

    yeah i was like why even bother photo shopping her just copy and paste someone else already perfect


    b/c there is no such thing as artificial perfect

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