Fruit Fly That's Evolved Pictures Of Spiders On Its Wings

November 13, 2013


Because Mother Nature clearly has way too much time on her hands, this is a species of fruit fly that's evolved realistic looking pictures of jumping spiders on its wings. Impressive, but I'd still like to see a pair of those naked lady trucker mudflaps.

The idea of the ant design, as explained to The National by Dr Brigitte Howarth of Zayed University who first discovered G tridens in the UAE, is that these flies use their wings to ward off predators. The fly flashes it wings back and forth to make it seem as if the ants [or spiders] are moving around and that movement would confuse the predator.

Man, if I were a fruit fly you know what I'd want on my wings to ward off predators? GUNS. Not pictures of guns either, actual f***ing guns. Oh shit, you wanna eat me? *PEW PEW PEW!* I don't think so. Ideally I wouldn't want to be a fruit fly at all though.

Thanks to peacedove, who's often depicted with an olive branch in its beak even though it was really a marijuana leaf.

  • Hang on - are you saying this artwork has no artist?? You really are kidding us. This is amazing DESIGN, people.

  • Brant_Alan

    It's things like this. And I've es seen more than one similar example that makes me think there's something beyond just evolution and mother nature than we know. Like an awareness in nature beyond the actual life forms in it.

  • Would you believe, a Designer. A Designer who designs.

  • Kaizer Chief

    Right, so this evolved. So for hundreds of thousands of years before they finished evolving (to have a frighteningly believable image of an ant on their wings), you had fruit-flies with random, indistinct brown discolorations on their wings? I wonder what evolutionary advantage that would have given them?

  • glebealyth

    Very little advantage, Kaizer Chief, which is why they did not survive the process.
    Do you actually understand how evolution works, or do you just deny that it did?

  • Evolution has no viable way of working. Hasn't worked, doesn't work, won't work. Natural Selection is the only tool - and it only SELECTS, it doesn't CREATE.

  • Guest

    probably something like this but less so. fast moving brown dot might make something hesitate a little

  • Kaizer Chief

    I can accept that, but going from a brown dot to a 3-dimensional brown ant stretches my belief a bit too far I'm afraid.

  • Jacques-Andr√© Langelier

    I hope there is no such thing as arachnophobia in fruit flies.

  • Vlad

    Neither geeky nor related to technology. Is this

  • Dave

    There are quite a few people who share the belief that science is one of the many things that falls under the 'geeky' umbrella... is entomology no longer a science?

  • Helablog

    I think they may be jumping spiders not ants?

  • Fernando J. Ilabaca

    you're f***ing kidding me!!!!!!!! that's awesome!!!

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