The 4-Billion Year Evolution Of Mars From Wet, Habitable Oasis To Depressing Red Desert

November 14, 2013



This is a video created by NASA's Conceptual Image Lab depicting the 4-billion year evolution of Mars from a water covered, potentially habitable planet to the red shithole wasteland it is today. Wow, Mars -- you f***ed up hard. Reminds me of my freshman year of college. First semester GPA: 3.85. Second semester? 0.57.

Mars' atmosphere today is not prone to sustaining life because of its low pressure and temperature. Under current conditions on the planet, water usually appears as ice or vapor, never staying in its liquid phase for long. However, after studying the surface of Mars, along with minerals present on its surface, scientists believe that its atmosphere was a lot different and may have been conducive for oceans of liquid water to develop on the planet. The large craters on Mars suggest that there were such bodies of water, with channels that connected them. Also, there are minerals on the planet that can only exist where liquid water is present.

This is the most complex video that the Conceptual Image Lab has produced so far.

Michael Lentz, lead animator on the project, said, "We have a lot going on in this. We have time-lapse clouds happening, the atmosphere and terrain are changing, the water is evaporating away."

Well, it sounds like you used to have a pretty good thing going on there, Mars. And what did you do? You went and ruined it. You're like a guy who jinxes every decent relationship he's ever been in. You can't let yourself be happy, can you? You need to sabotage yourself and SUFFER. "Wow, GW." You could tell I was projecting, couldn't you? *pressing on my eyeballs till they hurt* Stupid stupid stupid!

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Kas, who agrees if we don't have a base on the moon by 2020 we should overthrow all world governments for not having their priorities straight.

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