That's More Like It: Fan Remakes Phantom Menace Scene So Jar Jar Dies At The Beginning

November 6, 2013


Youtuber withmorten2 went and edited the beginning waterfall scene from The Phantom Menace so Jar Jar goes over the edge and crashes into a bunch of rocks, the way the actual movie should have started. It made me happy. I think it's -- "The kind of fan film I can really masturbate to." Wow -- my roommate Derek, ladies and gentlemen.

Keep going for the video and the original for comparative purposes.

Thanks to Brad, the flaming flamingo, Stephanie and Guz, who had already blocked the original scene out of their heads like normal people.

  • Kristdan Fisher

    If only it was real,never in the history of film has someone done so wrong as jar jar did to star wars. I'd say R.I.P but he will go into the pits of hell(hopefully).

  • Two light sabers up for Jar Jar's death...

  • DEṂ

    Talk about youtube edits....

  • TyDurd

    The clip is from 'The Phantom Edit' by Mike J. Nichols. If 'withmorten2' isn't MJN I would hope he's not claiming he created it :/

  • sandul

    Yeah i was going to say, i saw this video a LOOONG time ago

  • CMonster

    Honestly, as bad as Jar Jar was, Lucas made him the clueless idiot that gave the Emperor his power over the Senate. With Jar Jar, Palpatine would have never been granted his 'emergency' powers for the war (which he never gave back). Jar Jar died knowing that his actions toppled the Republic.

  • RareAwesomeman

    he could have easily put a less annoying character in, or even just used a completely random senator that Palpatine, a master of manipulation, could have fooled. I mean if he is supposed to be some great genius I don't think the person he fools needed to be a brain dead idiot.

  • I think Lucas' motivation was more sinister.. Jar Jar's purpose was to be the cute funny cuddly character to coddle young children and attract them to the Star Wars franchise so Lucas could make more money. It seems Lucas himself embraced the dark side....

  • MustacheHam

    hahah, that was pretty funny.
    (Would of placed a giant fireball at the end, for good measure)

  • Mal Caindenite

    The movie's would have been better of without him i vote kill Jar-Jar lol

  • JJtoob

    Wow, did not think it needed it until you mentioned it, now I have to have it!!!

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